Agnostic Morality Episode 10 – How will I be remembered? How will the U.S. be remembered?

This Podcast is with founder of A Bridge to Light foundation, Christian Verdugo and his friend Patrick McCarty, who studied and received a degree in World Religions. We cover many topics, but want to stick close to Philosophy, religion, and any books or media regarding morality.

This Episode is about asking how we will be remembered? Will people be able to use your words and actions in an argument against you? We discus Sam Harris and Jordan B. Petersons recent podcast, and some interesting takes on how we use our race, culture and society to retain and remember our culture, or even our individual names.

We want to get to the reason for Morality, the reason scriptures are held on to, the reason why we Believe.

Agnostic Morality Ep. 10

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